Thursday, July 25, 2019

Avoiding Cyber-Espionage in China and Hong Kong for Business Travelers

avoiding cyber-espionage in china and hong kong

As China is the US’s second largest partner in trade, business travel to China and Hong Kong is essential. But should you be packing your laptop and smart devices? We’ll show you why avoiding cyber-espionage is essential for the business traveler.

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Partnerships with Chinese companies remain lucrative and fruitful. Yet, many fear that traveling on business can leave their data subject to surveillance by the Chinese government. There is some evidence that Chinese custom officials were installing spyware on devices.

China: A Surveillance State

For years, the Chinese government has been tracking its citizens: their travels, their credit, and their activity. This is daily life for Chinese citizens; however, this type of surveillance is highly suspect to Americans.

Unfortunately, many nations choose to spy on citizens of other nations as they travel. Much of the time this is for national security purposes. Yet, visitors tracked in China tend to be those who have important corporate ties—pointing to an economic incentive at hand.

avoiding cyber-espionage in china and hong kong

Corporate Espionage: Part of the Game?

While Chinese officials insist that corporate espionage takes place in many countries, yet the US government has publicized many recent cases of corporate espionage.

Avoiding Cyber-Espionage in China and Hong Kong

Here are some tips to take to avoid being subject to cyber-espionage while traveling on business to China or Hong Kong:

  • Do not take un-needed electronics with sensitive data
  • Consider using temporary laptops that have been cleared of sensitive data; ditto for cell phones
  • Use thumb-drives for sensitive data, and open files on offline computers only
  • In order to access files online, use a service like Trustwire, which is end-to-end encrypted and can be used on any computer.
  • Keep in mind that all networks are owned and monitored by the Chinese government.
  • Change passwords often.
  • Back up your information.
  • Do not accept thumb drives or other electronic devices as gifts.
  • Remove cell phone batteries to limit tracking.

Depending on how sensitive your data can be, all these tips may not be necessary. Storing and transferring files on Trustwire is an easy and portable way to ensure the security of your business documents. Click here to find out more.

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