Thursday, July 25, 2019

Business Travel Abroad | Protecting Secure Documents

protecting secure documents business travel abroad

One of the best things about our interconnected world is that we can often work from anywhere. This allows us the freedom to explore while managing to make a living. However, the need to protect secure documents when engaging in business travel abroad is a real need. We’ll outline the practices you should follow.

Business Travel & Cyber Security

The thing is, when you travel abroad for business or leisure, your sensitive data is up for grabs. Whether from foreign governments, corporate entities, or private illegal hackers, your email, documents, and data represent valuable capital for others.

So how is protecting secure documents possible when you have business travel abroad?

Consider a Password Manager

Companies like LastPass and 1Password allow you to manage your passwords in a way that makes them far less vulnerable to malicious actors. Both of these services are available at a low cost.

Also, when it comes to the security of your personal bank data, it’s worth asking your bank what they offer. Banks often have security measures available that aren’t well known to even their own customers.

protecting secure documents business travel abroad

Back Up Your Secure Documents

Backing up your secure documents is important so that a stolen device doesn’t mean that you’ve lost things permanently. Store this back up in a separate location that is also secure. Consider a physical drive, as well as an online back up.

Trustwire offers cloud storage that boasts incredibly strong encryption to keep your documents safe from those with malicious intent. Furthermore, should your laptop go missing abroad, you can access 
Trustwire from any computer without worrying about it being compromised.

Protecting Secure Documents During Business Travel Abroad

Trustwire can be one of the components of cyber security for smart business professionals. Trustwire enables you to securely store and send documents regardless of your location or the device from which you access it. To learn more about our business or personal plans, click here.

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