Thursday, June 27, 2019

Whatsapp Spyware & The Importance of Encryption for Human Rights Activists and Lawyers

Whatsapp Spyware and the importance of encryption for human rights activists and lawyers

Hackers have done it again—breached what many trusted to be a secure method of communication and turned it into a tool for data mining and tracking the activity of users. 

This particular issue stems from a failing in the security framework of Whatsapp that allows hackers to infect users’ phones with spyware. 

Given the increased targeting of human rights activists and lawyers by oppressive regimes, the importance of encryption has become paramount. Whatsapp spyware further raises the stakes.

The Problem

Reuters reported just weeks ago that some governments have been using Whatsapp spyware of tracking human rights activists and lawyers they deem a threat. While Whatsapp claims to use strong encryption technology and recognizes the importance of this, their security has failed.

Human Rights lawyers and other activists realize that their work cause them to fall under scrutiny. Some even endure threats to their livelihood or person. Because of these risks, lawyers and activists use encryption to protect their anonymity while communicating online and on mobile devices.

Needless to say, learning that a government who disapproves of your work has access to your contacts’ list, location, and passwords is frightening.

The Solution

Unfortunately, this type of hacking is hard to prevent and detect, because rather than accessing data, this software accesses the device itself. Luckily, this software is expensive to operate, and hackers cannot easily make a profit leveraging this “service.” 

Facebook, the owner of Whatsapp, promises to increase security across all of its platforms. This comes especially after Congressional inquiry into how Facebook profits from its users’ data. Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t made good on its promises before.
The importance of encryption for human rights activists and lawyers whatsapp spyware

Still, encryption is a matter of importance for all human rights activists and lawyers. While spyware that accesses your device from Whatsapp is a threat, it’s not as common as hacking that accesses your date due to a lack of encryption technology.

The Importance of Encryption for Human Rights Activists and Lawyers & Whatsapp Spyware

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