Saturday, December 21, 2019

Secure File Sharing with Clients - Why it's Critical For Your Business

Have you ever heard the phrase "your business is only as important as the content you share?" Well, the same can be said when it comes to protecting your client's sensitive information. If you don't have a reliable file sharing platform, your clients can trust, your businesses may be looked over, or taken less seriously. File sharing is nothing new, and the average internet user is probably familiar with the more popular file-sharing services like Dropbox. While common file-sharing services are excellent for the average person wanting to share photos of their kid's graduation or pictures from mom's birthday party, business owners need to step up their game.

What's Different about Business File Sharing?

If you're running a business, cybersecurity must be at the top of your priority list. Companies require added security, data must be readily backed up, and clients need to feel secure when they provide you with personal information. Cybersecurity breaches are at an all-time high. Anyone who works closely with their client's personal information, such as doctors, lawyers, journalists, and entrepreneurs, having a secure file sharing system is crucial to the success of the business. Clients must continually be reassured that their sensitive information is always safe.

Trustwire: What Makes Us Unique?

Use Trustwire to ensure your business is participating in the safest possible file sharing practices on the web. Trustwire uses end-to-end encryption with no built-in backdoors, making it the most reliable method when it comes to storing and sharing data. With Trustwire, your personal information will be kept private. Other file-sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive hold the right to access your data at any time without warning. All files stored, accessed, and sent with Trustwire are not accessible by the platform. The Trustwire platform was created with convenience, easy accessibility, and user-friendliness in mind. Trustwire is simple to use and does not require previous tech knowledge. Plus, clients will not have to clog their memory systems with downloading an application or software to use Trustwire.  

Conduct Business Anywhere in the World

Trustwire is accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world. Are your employees going on a business trip? Has one of your staff members lost their laptops? With Trustwire, no matter where your device is, your information will remain secure. Use Trustwire's business-level SecureLink feature to receive files with the same level of encryption, regardless if the sender is a Trustwire user.

Share Files Securely with Clients

A business can't be successful without clients. Any business owner will say keeping their clients satisfied is usually the most significant problem they face daily. Trustwire will never sell personal information, access your data, create profiles, or send countless marketing emails to clients. Trustwire offers 24/7 customer support. Gain peace of mind knowing your data files are safely stored, shared securely, and fully protected against cyber attacks.  

Trustwire has unparalleled ease of use, meaning that your employees can quickly adjust to working with it. Furthermore, Trustwire is available on any device, anywhere in the world. Earn more about how your business can begin protecting its valuable intellectual property with Trustwire.

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