Thursday, November 21, 2019

Preventing a Data Breach in Business

A data breach exposes sensitive, confidential, and protected information to an unauthorized person or cybercriminal, who may exploit it or share it without permission. When it comes to the integrity of your business and keeping it secure, a data breach can be devastating, especially for those who work with the most sensitive client information like lawyers, doctors, and journalists. During a breach, clients will lose trust, your company loses money, and the risk of identity theft rises. How will you keep your business safe? Cybersecurity solutions are the only way to guarantee your client's info is fully protected. Read on to learn the best ways to prevent a data breach in business.

Who Causes Data Breaches?

When many of us think of a security breach, our minds go directly to hackers and internet criminals. While malicious actors conduct many cybersecurity breaches in business, insider breaches and accidental breaches happen more often than you may think.  

What Causes a Data Breach in Business?

  • Human Error: This could happen if a co-worker reads files on another colleague's computer without permission. While it could be unintentional and harmless, the data will still be considered breached because an unauthorized person viewed it.
  • A Malicious Insider: This is a person who is employed by the company and has insider access to data. They purposely expose data with the intent to cause harm to an individual or company. While this person may have approved access to use the data, they have the intention to use it in destructive ways.
  • Lost or Stolen Devices: If an employee forgets or loses their laptop or external hard drive somewhere and the devices aren't encrypted, the sensitive information is considered breached.
  • Malicious Outside Cyber Attacks: These are hackers who will use various methods to alter, steal, destroy, expose, and gain unauthorized access to private information from a network or an individual.

The Damaging After-Effects of a Data Breach:

A data breach will not only have a damaging effect on your company's customer base, but will also lead to a bad reputation, and most importantly, a massive financial loss. A breach puts off potential customers who may be weary your business can protect their personal information.

How Do I Keep My Business Safe?

If you think your business is unlikely to fall victim to a data breach, think again. In 2019 alone, over 36 percent of small businesses have experienced a data breach. Always educate employees on good security practices and update your software. However, that's not enough. Implementing proper cybersecurity is the only way to ensure your customer's personal information is safe from malicious cyber hackers. Trustwire uses Strong end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the rightful owner of the data can send and share it. Trustwire gives your clients the confidence they deserve when they really sensitive information.

Trustwire has unparalleled ease of use, meaning that your employees can quickly adjust to working with it. Furthermore, Trustwire is available on any device, anywhere in the world. Earn more about how your business can begin protecting its valuable intellectual property with Trustwire.

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