Saturday, October 26, 2019

Why Professionals Are Choosing Trustwire To Transfer And Save Files?

Journalists, Lawyers, Doctors, Enterprises, and anyone who works with sensitive data must keep their client's info protected. Cybersecurity is at an all-time high. Today, it's almost impossible to do any sort of business without personal data winding up in a networked Computer system. Whether you're at home, down the street, or across the world, keeping all data secure is crucial. Read on to learn about why more people are choosing Trustwire to store and send their sensitive data online.

What is strong encryption, and why is it important?

End-to-end encryption technology helps protect personal data by making it unreadable to anyone who doesn't have the code key. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle, your data will be scrambled using a "secret code," and only those who Today, cybersecurity and secure file sharing are more important than ever before. Vast amounts of personal data are managed online and stored in the cloud or on third-party servers. While storing files and records on the cloud can help, it's far from 100% secure. The only way to protect your privacy on the web, share your files securely, and defend your business against cyber attacks is with end-to-end encryption. Trustwire gives users secure end-to-end encryption so hackers won't stand a chance of getting their hands your files.

Trustwire's SecureLink makes secure file sharing a breeze:

Encryption tools can be annoying and challenging to use. Trustwire is committed to offering the most user-friendly and accessible protection to professionals and small business owners. Users don't have to clog up their phones and laptops downloading and installing apps. Trustwire is web-based, meaning all files can be shared online from anywhere in the world. Send your SecureLink address to anyone you wish to share confidential records. If the receiver clicks on your SecureLink address, you, the owner, may then send files securely. There are no sign-ups, no installations, and no pesky blast emails.  

Internet privacy concerns are on a steady incline:

The purpose of cybersecurity is to help prevent data breaches, cyberattacks, and eliminate identity theft. Sounds great right? Well, today the 'bad guys' or hackers are coming up with new methods to hack into sensitive information. Just like technology is always evolving, cybercriminals are getting smarter, they’re developing new ways to produce more malicious code to compromise data. Hackers don't discriminate either; they are thieves; they will attack all types of businesses and corporations from doctors offices to non-profits.

Trustwire solves all information security issues:

Hacking is a big business. Hackers aren't bored teenagers in basements anymore. They are smart, ruthless, and out to steal personal information. To keep your money out of the hacker's pockets, verified open-source cryptography is a must. Trustwire uses only Verified open-source cryptography libraries. While that may sound like a mouthful, in other words, Trustwire can ensure that the encryption algorithms do not have backdoors and are secure. Even users who don't consider themselves to be tech-savvy can use Trustwire to Keep their information private.

Keeping things simple is what we do best here. We found the perfect balance between usability, security, and accessibility. Trustwire does not track usage and will never sell data. The owner of the document fully controls any data stored on the Trustwire servers.

Trustwire has unparalleled ease of use, meaning that your employees can quickly adjust to working with it. Furthermore, Trustwire is available on any device, anywhere in the world. Earn more about how your business can begin protecting its valuable intellectual property with Trustwire.

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