Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Best Encrypted Email for Your Business

Sending encrypted email used to exist on in the realm of the most technically-savvy users of the internet. These days, everyone uses email in their personal and professional lives, so user-friendly options exist, but they’re not all equal. In order to find the best encrypted email for your organization, you need to focus on the balance between security and ease of use.

The Most Secure Email

Probably the most secure service will employ PGP or S/MIME. While it is the most secure, it cannot be used by your typical email user. Using PGP requires managing your own encryption and keys. Another consideration is that the person you’re emailing has to have similar technical knowledge. So this can work in a small-group setting, but likely not meet the needs of most organizations.

Important Points about Encryption

Most digital security professionals consider 256-bit encryption to be trustworthy when it comes to transferring and storing sensitive data. 256-bit refers to the length of the key required to decrypt the email.  Because 256-bit encryption requires such a long key, it is essentially bulletproof.

Point-to-Point or End-to-End

Some email service providers only secure messages at the sender’s and user’s computers. This leaves the email vulnerable as it travels through a server from one destination to the other. The problem occurs if the data is intercepted in the server, which may or may not be secure. On the other hand, end-to-end encryption ensures that the email is encrypted while in transit, as well as its origin and destination.

Ease of Use

So why is ease of use so important? Typically, if we want people in our organization to use something faithfully, we need to make it easy for them to do so. If we burden colleagues or clients with tedious processes, they will resort to less secure methods. However, ease of use is not generally the forefront of the best encrypted email.

The Best Encrypted Email

Trustwire does use 256-bit encryption and PGP but requires no special encryption knowledge of its users. Additionally, because it’s web-based, Trustwire can be accessed anywhere in the world with no special technology or software to download.
Files and the messages shared along with them are encrypted, end-to-end. Users simply create an account and begin conducting their business. Learn more at Trustwire.

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